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Our guild spans all the back to pre-bc of WoW. We pride ourselves in our history and hope Rift will become apart of our legacy.

Rift is a dynamic gameplay system that creates a unique experience. As such we are establishing a PvP server guild fighting as the faction "Defiant". Our main objective is to set ourselves apart from other guilds in the server by focusing on 3 main points of play.

- Player progression: Players leveling at an enjoyable pace to experience what the game has to offer combined with the dedication to ultimate goal of instance and raid content.

- Rift Battle Group: One of the biggest goals is to set up a strong battle group to combat these invading rifts. This includes: Invasion Parties, Rifts (Major/Minor), Footholds, and Zone Events. Our primary goal will to be closing the most rifts possible while still progressing through quests and other PvE content. Many rewards can be gained from these Rift events and we wish to take advantage of them.

- PvP War Machine: Finally a core group of players dedicated to the PvP aspect of the game. This is not required of all members but we do wish to have a core group that wish to fight for our faction in the main world PvP as well as any special PvP gameplay systems.

The combination of a strong player progression focus we are establishing allows anyone to play and move at their own pace. While some players may push further into the game than others in the same alotted time - that only means there will be veterns of the zone that can assist lower leveled members in progression and other actions. In the end everyone will reach cap and begin experiencing end game combat and be a valuable member of our Rift Battle Group.

To apply to the guild, go to forums and go to 'applications' then just copy and paste, then post! a admin will look at it and contact you in game !.

- Guild Promotions: Ways for a player to get promoted in the guild is to donate to the guild bank, help other players with lower level quests or dungeons, show participation or atempt in participation in guild events and by working on the guild quest! Outstanding efforts in any of the actions listed above can lead to being promoted to an officer rank, which gives you many new abilities over other lower rank guild members!

Guild News

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